About Our Services

Oracle Gold PartnerHigher Upstream
Higher Upstream delivers comprehensive business solutions in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems space.  Unlike most of our competitors, we focus on strategies, designs and implementations that transcend the fire-fighting approach that dominates IT – an expedient attitude that creates unintended problems and unrecoverable costs. Higher Upstream takes you closer to the source – the source of subject-matter expertise, the source of your core competencies and market differentiators, the source of authoritative data in your organization.  Our focus on improving business processes eliminates the sources of error and cost in the handling and movement of information.

Managed Services

Higher Upstream’s processes for handling typical IT management give your company expert results at the lowest cost.  We eliminate the sources of errors and inefficient activities.  We make smart systems smarter.  Whether you prefer to keep your on-premises data center or leap to the cloud, Higher Upstream delivers superior expertise at a lower cost than our competitors.  We dominate our space not by undercutting on hourly rates but by eliminating unnecessary effort. “The chief cause of problems is solutions.” –Eric Sevareid “The significant problems of our time cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”  –Albert Einstein

Professional Services

Higher Upstream delivers top talent, either on site or remotely, depending on the specific demands of your project.

Solution Development Services

Higher Upstream provides high-performance solutions to custom problems in the enterprise ecosystem.  We adopt a services-oriented architecture and deploy open-source implementations that reduce the complexity of digital mechanics in favor of focusing on key business goals.

About Our Team

Dan Webb

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer

For more than twenty-five years, Dan has managed ambitious software development and infrastructure projects on a variety of platforms based on the best practices of business process management, collaborative process improvement, success metrics, and high-performance teamwork. He has been responsible for the design, development, implementation and support of nationally-marketed software products and enterprise-wide Web applications. Dan delivers professional consulting services in project management, strategic planning, effective teamwork, and Web application development.

Dan’s management style is inclusive.  He works diligently to insure the psychological safety of everyone in the workplace so participants are assured of respect and are encouraged to bring all of who they are to their work.  Teams that are the most competitive in the marketplace embrace a diversity of ideas, personalities, and cultures in a way that minimizes intra-team competition.  Our team members are mutual accountable rather than being accountable to a hierarchy of insecure egos seeking reassurance for their self-importance.  In our culture, the prime directive is, “Let the best idea win.”  That way, we’ll win as a team.

Ken Green

System Architect

Ken Green has more than twenty-five years developing software products and consulting in the ERP and Supply Chain systems sector.  He specializes in multi-site and multi-national implementations.  He has excelled in manufacturing and distribution systems.  One of Ken’s key strengths is his ability to identify business requirements quickly and formulate solutions using the applications available.  He works well with all levels of management and is effective in managing small groups and in solving problems.  Ken has developed and marketed products for Europe, Central America, the US, and Canada.  As a product-line manager, he gained operational experience managing product lines for dedicated manufacturing and distribution centers.  In this roll he installed his first Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system.  Early in his consulting career Ken developed and installed stand-alone business applications for small companies.  One system was for direct marketing and order fulfillment.  This experience was transferred later to implementation of the .com and e-commerce phenomena where today he continues to support Internet marketing projects.

innovative ideas

Innovative Ideas

  We see beyond today’s fire that is distracting you from a more comprehensive and inexpensive solution after considering all the opportunities and costs.

Clear Communication

  Openness, visibility and precision are the key qualities we value in how we manage the work entrusted to us.

Advanced Technology

  The most advanced approach to technology implementation is to simplify – eliminate the sources of error, unnecessary complexity, and inefficient activity.

Timely Support

  Reducing downtime and behind-time is the essence of Higher Upstream’s customer service and technical support.