Managed Services

“Managed services are the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities
and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.”


Closer to the Source

Closer to the Source
Higher Upstream’s processes for handling typical IT management give your company expert results at the lowest cost. We eliminate the sources of errors and inefficient activities. We make smart systems smarter. Whether you prefer to keep your on-premises data center or leap to the cloud, Higher Upstream delivers superior expertise at a lower cost than our competitors. We dominate our space not by undercutting on hourly rates but by eliminating unproductive effort.

“The chief cause of problems is solutions.” –Eric Sevareid
“The significant problems of our time cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” –Albert Einstein


Constantly Current™ on software updates

Constantly Current™ is a service that manages the fire-hose flood of vendors’ ERP software updates, keeping your implementation current at a constant cost.

Whether your implementation is in your own data center or in the cloud, Constantly Current™ dramatically reduces the cost of managing ERP software updates in terms of dollars and the distraction from your core competencies.


A Business Process Map defines and organizes the client’s ERP processes and requirements.

  • Higher Upstream manages the enterprise’s catalog of 13,300+ configurable software objects.
  • Higher Upstream identifies high-risk configurable software objects.
  • Higher Upstream develops automated test scripts for each of the configurable software objects and sequences tests to simulate the client’s business processes.
  •  Higher Upstream performs automated testing of not only each configurable software object that’s updated by the vendor each quarter but also each configurable software object in the high-risk list.
  •  As problems are identified, Higher Upstream manages the development work required to bring the configuration current and fully operable according to the enterprise’s requirements.

Benefits of Automated Testing

  • Very short duration for a complete system test
  • Elimination of human error by replicating an automated test sequence
  • Near-zero cost for each iteration of a complete system test
  • High precision in management of risk
  • Having a taxonomy of business processes and a catalog of applications empowers the client and the process.
    • Business process map
    • Catalog of vanilla and custom configurable software objects
    • Database of customer’s static test values and test-dependent values
  • The Challenge:  Manage a complex sequence of ALL test cases that must occur in a specified order with specified or calculated data, checking intermediate results as we go, sending notifications wherever deviations from requirements occur.

HU’s Comprehensive Quality Management Process

  • The Essence of Quality
    • Controlling deviation from requirements
    • Delivering satisfaction of requirements with increasing precision & consistency
    • Implementing best practices
    • Managing with success metrics
  • Engineer quality into business processes from end to end rather than trying to “test quality in at the end.”
  • HU develops a business process map, a taxonomy of test cases that map to business processes and configurable software objects, and sequences of test scripts.
  • HU develops robust, replicable test scripts, specific to the client, in a manageable way that produces the expected result quickly through a repeatable process.
  • Where test results don’t comply with requirements, the system starts a helpdesk-like workflow so the right expert will examine the “bug” and plan a solution at the right level of the process.
  • The Constantly Current™ process …
    • involves minimal intrusion into users’ workflow
    • leverages expert fractional resources (off site)
    • requires only incremental costs, not the expensive rework that’s required with the existing manual approach to testing